150 sq.ft. (Example 10'x15')  Furnishings from a two or three bedroom apartment/house:  Appliances, patio furniture, many boxes and extras.  


How many square feet of storage space do I need? 

(These estimates are based on 8' high ceilings.  The example dimensions shown may not represent the exact size of units we have available, but can be used as a guideline for determining square footage required.)

Sizes to meet all your storage needs

your choice in storage

300 sq.ft. (Example 10'x30')  Furnishings from a four or five bedroom apartment/house:  Appliances, patio furniture, garage extras and miscellaneous.

Our climate controlled storage units range in size from 3' x 9' up to 11' x 13' with many sizes in between to meet all your storage needs.

Whether it's indoor heated and air conditioned units or outdoor RV, boat, or automobile storage, we have it all for you.

a convenient location to store your valuables

200 sq.ft. (Example 10'x20')  Furnishings from a three or four bedroom apartment/house:  Appliances, patio furniture, many boxes and extras.

full climate control storage units

25 sq. ft.  (Example 5'x5')  Small furniture:  Chest of drawers, small mattress set, several boxes and small items.

50 sq. ft. (Example 5'x10')  Studio or small one bedroom apartment:  Mattress set, sofa, dining room set, miscellaneous items.

75 sq.ft. (Example 5'x15')  Standard furnishings from a one bedroom apartment: Desk, patio furniture, washer/dryer stacked, boxes and miscellaneous items.

These units are a perfect solution for those household items you want to protect from the extreme heat, cold, and humidity present in conventional storage units.

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Crossroads Climate Controlled Storage

100 sq.ft. (Example 10'x10')  Furnishings from a one or two bedroom apartment:  Refrigerator, patio furniture, washer/dryer, many boxes and miscellaneous items.